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As promised, here are some more of my tried and tested tips for surviving a move abroad – and to Lanzarote in particular, which, it has to be said, has its own particular charm and way of doing things.

Keep asking people for information and advice

I´m afraid I made a complete nuisance of myself at the beginning asking everyone I came across for information – the best and cheapest shops, the best estate agency, the best solicitor, the best restaurants, do I need “residencia”? – the list is endless but I´m more than happy to impart all the information I gleaned to anyone else who´s interested – and I´m still learning!

Have Savings

Probably an obvious one, this, but we underestimated the amount of time it would take to settle and get work and also how much we would need to spend on our new home to get it how we want it (we´re still working on it now!) I believe the recommendation is that you always have four months’ salary in hand – we actually reached the end of that at one time, so I would definitely suggest more for peace of mind!

Remember Mañana

Whatever you do, remember this is Lanzarote and mañana is the norm! Don´t be surprised if people turn up late for appointments and likewise, don´t panic if you´re late for one! Be prepared for everything to take a long time (especially the phone and internet!) We once had a new fridge-freezer delivered. It was a day late in coming, which was not unusual, but very frustrating and the reason for the late delivery? It had been raining the day before! (I say raining, but it was more like a light shower by British standards). Relax, take your time, go with the flow, it will all fall into place eventually – and all this coming from someone who was something of a control freak back in Blightie

Date Published: 15-02-2010

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